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Impacts of the housing crisis on the lives of children and adolescents

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Miryam Navarro Rupérez (investigadora: treball de camp, anàlisi i redacció), Laia Pineda (directora, suport a l’anàlisi i a la redacció), Laia Curcoll (publicació i comunicació).

Institució: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Ethnographic report that analyzes the qualitative impacts of the housing crisis in the lives of children and adolescents in the city, profound impacts that occur in all spheres of life. Carried out by the anthropologist and collaborating researcher at the Institute for Childhood and Adolescence, Miryam Navarro, the study has been carried out for more than 3 years following twenty families with children who live and suffer the effects of residential insecurity in the Ciutat Vella district. from Barcelona.

The report ends with some recommendations to improve care for children in situations of residential insecurity.

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This report has been presented within the framework of the conference “Childhood and housing in the city of Barcelona”, held on June 13, 2023. We also invite you to read the executive summary of this conference and the reports from the laboratory of investigation.

Residential insecurity impacts childhood and adolescence