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The public procurement of care services for people (2017-2021)

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa (dir.), Cecilia Conde

Institució: La Confederació del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya, amb el suport de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona

The main objective of this report is to study the characteristics of the public procurement carried out by several Catalan councils regarding the awarding of People’s Assistance Services (SAP). The purpose is to be able to offer a diagnosis of the determining factors in the public procurement processes of these services and to be able to see the evolution between 2017 and 2021. Thus, the specific objectives addressed in this report are:

a) Deepen the most outstanding characteristics of public contracting in the Services of Attention to Persons by the provincial capitals of Catalonia and the four most populous municipalities in Catalonia.

b) Identify the main factors that influence the process of evaluating and awarding contracts for care services to people.

c) Analyze the contracts taking into account the situations of competition (or lack of competition) between commercial companies and entities of the third social sector (TSS), as well as the most noteworthy factors in the award process in a regime of competition between companies and entities of the TSS.

Report on the public procurement of care services for people (2017-2021)

Presentation of the results of the public procurement of care services for people (2017-2021)