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Review of the Indicators system of Metropolis partners

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa (dir.), Andreu Termes

Institució: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, amb la col·laboració de Metròpolis

This report analyzes the Metropolis system of indicators. The Metropolis entity brings together more than fifty metropolises from around the world, and offers a system of indicators, made up of 38 indicators, in various areas (governance, economic development, social cohesion, gender equality and environmental sustainability).

Faced with the challenges of designing and updating this system of indicators, the objectives of the report are threefold: to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the Metropolis system of indicators based on the dimensions of relevance, quality, and sustainability of the indicators ; to compare the metropolises most similar to the AMB in order to qualitatively assess the application of the Metropolis indicator system; and make recommendations to improve the system of indicators.

Review of the Indicators system of Metropolis partners