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Support for the development of network governance in the metropolitan region. The case of the Governance Area of ​​the Food Charter of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona

Any de realizació: 2023

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa (Dir.) i Noel Sotelo

Institució: AMB i PEMB

This study explores the concept of “governance networks” as an instrument for the elaboration of metropolitan public policies within the framework of the Metropolitan Commitment 20230 strategic plan.

In October 2022, the missions of the Metropolitan Commitment 2030 were presented. These missions are the fruit of a consensus between different agents to promote shared objectives in social, economic, environmental and cultural issues, among others. The development of the missions calls for new governance networks at the level of the metropolitan region or to strengthen some of the existing ones, This study reviews the specialized literature in order to provide guidance for better management and continuous evaluation of governance networks.

First, the types of existing governance networks and the key factors that determine their evolution and success are determined. Secondly, guidelines are given for a better management of them by managers and politicians. Finally, the criteria for evaluating its results are listed.

In addition to the theoretical review aimed at recommendations for better management and monitoring of governance networks, during the preparation of this study the Governance Area of ​​the Food Charter of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona has been analyzed and supported . The antecedents and the current composition have been analyzed in order to advise and accompany methodologically the realization of a new face-to-face meeting of the Space.