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45th European Transport Conference, Barcelona, 2017

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Year: 2017

Carles Conill (AMB), Elena Domene, Marta Garcia-Sierra, Joan Marull i Maite Pérez:

Modelling the Impacts of Mobility on Urban Air Quality and Health: Scenario Analysis for the Barcelona MetropolitanArea (Metropolitan Mobility Plan-PMMU)

Maite Pérez, Núria Perez-Sans i Gemma Solé:

Commuting trips in the metropolitan area of Barcelona: travel behaviour, socio-environmental impacts and policy assessment

Maite Pérez i Núria Pérez-Sans:

Effectiveness of transport social fares and special transport services in the Barcelona metropolitan area 

Maite Pérez, Manel Pons, Elena Domene i Marta Garcia-Sierra:

Quantification of the emissions from personal mobility. Estimation based on general mobility surveys

Maite Pérez, Manel Pons, Elisabeth Queralt i Jorge Cátedra:

Treatment and cleaning data in mobility surveys