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Analysis of the socioeconomic and territorial impact of the Rondas of Barcelona Low Emissions Zone

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Autors/es: Joan Checa Rius, David Andres Argomedo i Núria Pérez Sans,
Àrea de Mobilitat; Laura Calvet Mir i Elena Domene Gómez,
Àrea de Sostenibilitat Urbana Suport estadístic i cartogràfic: Maria Pruna Bassa, Adrián Vandellós Hita, Marc Vila Recio, Paolo Chevalier i Francesc Coll Pujol

Institució: Ajuntament de Barcelona, AMB

The central objective of the work is the assessment of the socioeconomic impact of the Rondas of Barcelona Low Emission Zone (ZBE), studying in detail the relationship between economic inequality and mobility, specifically the impact of the ZBE on mobility on working days. depending on income and territory of residence. Likewise, the assessment of compensatory measures and progressive adaptation to the measure is also included.