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I promote participative governance in the AMB

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa (dir.), Cecilia Conde

Institució: AMB

This study continues the line of research related to the improvement of metropolitan participation developed by the governance and public innovation area of the Metrópoli Institute.

At the beginning of 2022, a report was prepared that deepened the knowledge of the participatory system of the metropolitan area in order to advance in the definition of the bases and principles for the development of a citizen participation policy by the AMB. From there, this study presents a proposal to advance the consolidation of the participatory governance policy at the metropolitan scale of Barcelona; a policy enabled by the current legal framework, politically supported according to the government agreement and the PAM of the 2019-2023 mandate, and that has shown progress in the form of processes, bodies and other participatory mechanisms.

Within this framework, this report specifies the bases of the participatory governance policy of the Barcelona metropolitan area, based on two specific proposals. Firstly, a proposal for a participatory governance charter is presented, based on a dialogue for the preparation of a document capable of being approved by the plenary session of the metropolitan Council. Secondly, a proposal is made to design a technical unit for metropolitan participation that should lead, consolidate and coordinate the aforementioned policy.