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Comprehensive program of neighborhoods for the improvement of incomes (PIBRM). Indicators, projects and monitoring

Any de realizació: 2023

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa, Sergio Porcel, Fernando Antón, Irene Cruz, David Gil, Manuel Fernández, Francesc Coll.

Institució: AMB

The study has three main objectives:

– The first, to update the index of urban vulnerability (IVU) in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and, based on the data obtained, deepen the analysis of urban vulnerability from a longitudinal and explanatory perspective, paying special attention to the changes and persistence during the period studied (2015-2020), both in relative terms – position in the hierarchical structure of neighbourhoods, inequality – and in absolute terms – evolution of indicators of vulnerability in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

– The second objective is to analyse the response the program (PIBRM) has had from the point of view of the metropolitan municipalities. For this reason, the design and content of the projects presented are analysed to assess their territorial adjustment to vulnerable areas, their coherence, their quality, their comprehensiveness, and their complementarity with other similar programs. The analysis has been complemented with interviews with 8 municipalities to go deeper into these issues and understand the reasons why the municipalities have presented the projects they have presented and what assessment they make of the PIBRM program.

– All that responds to the third objective, to establish some recommendations to improve the monitoring and future calls of the program.