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Prospective on the trends and visions of education of local entities in the Province of Barcelona

Any de realizació: 2023

Equip: Andreu Termes, Marc Martí-Costa.

Institució: Diputació de Barcelona

The mandate that will begin in 2023 raises a series of educational challenges for local bodies. Precisely, the Prospective project on the trends and visions of education of the local bodies of the Province of Barcelona offers an analysis of these local challenges, and a series of recommendations (closely linked to the support in local educational policies offered by the Diputació de Barcelona).

The conclusions point to the diverse and multi-causal nature of the challenges that the municipalities will face. Thus, some school challenges will have their origin in factors of a not exactly educational nature, but which will condition local educational policy (demographic change, socio-economic inequality, and mental health), while others are properly educational: the transition towards distance education, school segregation, school absenteeism, difficult transitions to post-compulsory education, and early school leaving.

At the same time, recent regulatory changes (both central and regional) have offered new tools for municipal intervention in many key educational moments: educational planning processes, student admission,
the planning of post-compulsory education, and schools of new opportunities. It is an ambivalent process for local bodies: an accumulation of educational skills and institutional responsibilities, which is not accompanied by sufficient financial resources or staffing.

This is why the role of the Diputació de Barcelona is perceived as particularly important in the coming period 2023-2027. The Diputació de Barcelona is considered a very relevant actor from this perspective
of local educational policy, both in terms of its resources (technical, material and economic), and in terms of coordination and training spaces, or transformative projects (such as the New Educational Opportunities project – NOE 4.10).

The report closes with a series of concrete recommendations (especially useful for medium and small municipalities) to deal with these educational challenges.