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Tools for public innovation in the deployment of the Granollers 2030 missions

Any de realizació: 2023

Equip:  Marc Martí-Costa (dir.), Cecilia Conde

Institució:  Ajuntament de Granollers

In 2022, the Granollers 2030 Strategic Plan (PEG2030) and the associated Urban Agenda were approved in the Municipal Plenary Session, framed in the process of preparing the city’s Urban Agenda. The third strategic plan of Granollers establishes the vision, challenges and missions of the city in the 2030 horizon, strengthening the will for Granollers to be prepared and able to face global challenges, grounding them in the concrete reality of the city and its surroundings. .

Starting from this framework, this study wants to contribute to the development of innovative instruments in the city and apply them especially to projects aligned with the Granollers 2030 missions. Therefore, five innovative public instruments are proposed: public innovation procurement, innovation competitions, laboratories of innovation, collaborative platforms and citizen science. For each one, a conceptual definition is made, state and international examples are shown and ways are proposed for their deployment in medium-sized cities such as Granollers. Although these instruments can be applied in many projects, four have been selected that are in progress linked to the Strategic Plan: (i) Healthy and sustainable municipal school cafeterias; (ii) Renaturalization project: Granollers, green ring; (iii) The energy vector in companies and industrial estates; (iv) GRID (Granollers Resources InDustrials).


The study Tools for public innovation in the deployment of the Granollers 2030 missions