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A participation policy for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona

Any de realizació: 2022

Equip: Marc Martí-Costa (dir.), Roger Barres

Institució: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

This report deepens the knowledge of the participatory system in the metropolitan area with the aim of making progress in defining the bases and principles for the development of a citizen participation policy for the AMB.

With this aim, the report first analyzes in depth the institutionalization of citizen participation, the regulatory framework, the institutional design and the most relevant participatory mechanisms in two metropolitan areas: Lille and Montreal. Secondly, the participatory system of the AMB has been analyzed in depth based on three basic dimensions: object and coordination of participation, the participatory method and instruments and the participating actors.

Finally, the report presents the lessons learned and proposals to articulate a participation policy in the AMB, as well as the main lines of work to develop it.

A participation policy for the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona