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Vidas en transición


  • Ricard Gomà Carmona (Institut Metròpoli)
  • Gemma Ubasart i González ()

  • Month of realization: 03

    Year of realization: 2021

    Publishing house: 

    Pages: 352

    ISBN: 978-84-309-8137-3

    The last decades, those of globalization and its contestations, those of the new millennium and its hopes, those of the great recession and the pandemic, outline a time of intense, multiple and accelerated changes, called to transform the personal and collective trajectories that will cross The 21st century. The vectors that had structured industrial society are altered. Profound mutations are identified in all spheres: economic, cultural, environmental and political. A new time emerges. It does so between post-truth and reflexivity; between individualization and the common good. Lives and worlds in transition are drawn: exclusions and emerging rights, platform work, emotional and sexual diversities, loneliness and miscegenation, climate emergency, gentrification processes, new energies of collective action, stories of fear and hope. All of this sets the coordinates where to (re)construct social citizenship; outlines the parameters where to map the new social, ecological and gender contracts. The book aims to address the relationship between changing times and the state of well-being. It proposes a reflection on the great social transitions underway and on the challenges they generate in terms of new institutional and civic capacities to govern them. The mutations experienced redraw everyday lives and collective projects, and call us to rethink the devices for the implementation of rights, security and care. They challenge us to develop the components of reconstruction of social citizenship: forge equality, recognize differences, generate autonomy and articulate links.